have a must read article for all those considering buying a home in Sussex. They report that Seaford, East Sussex saw the 5th largest growth in house prices in the country during 2016 and Shoreham, West Sussex close behind in 9th place.

Thousands of people each year look to re-locate to the cosmopolitan city of Brighton however many are finding house prices in the city have become unaffordable and are looking for alternative options. With both towns being within 15 miles of the city and offering coastal living coupled with an arguably slower pace of life, new to area buyers are having a noticeable effect on house prices.

<strong>Seaford- Avg. house price £351,888- 14.29% increase</strong>

<strong>Shoreham by Sea- Avg. house price £387,248- 13.80% increase</strong>

For some this will come as great news however for some it will be met with trepidation and concern for those already finding it difficult to get on the housing ladder.

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